About Dip N Strip

At Dip N Strip, our process is a 100% safe, effective and environmentally friendly one.  No preparation is required on your part, you can drop off (or we'll pick up) your items as-is with any leadlight, handles, locks, hinges and other fittings in tact.

We start by placing the item in our heated booth, where we apply a generous amount of our 100% organic formula paint/varnish stripper.before and after cabinet

The item is left in the heated booth for a period of time to allow the stripper to go to work.

Next, the item is moved to the wash bay, where the paint/varnish (which by now has gone to mush thanks to the paint stripper) is gently and carefully removed, ensuring that your piece is undamaged.  All waste at this stage is carefully collected, and moved into drums to be sent off for environmentally friendly disposal.

Once we're satisfied that we have all the paint off the item, it is then moved to our kiln or baking room, where it is completely dried and by now looks close to it's natural state.

After a the time in the kiln the item is then taken to the sanding bay, where it is treated to a gentle rub-down removing the last traces of evidence that the item was ever painted or varnished in the first place.

From here, the item is either ready to pick up, or be returned to you, or alternatively, we move on to the recoating phase.

In the recoating phase, the item is moved to our spray booth, where it receives a professional application of your choice of recoat, including stain, and laquer in a variety of colours and shades.

At every stage of the process, our team who really care about your item, and the environment take extra care to ensure that no toxic paint waste is released into the environment, this is what sets us apart from the competition!

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